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Motif Radio - Show 3 Photography Special - A discussion of issues in contemporary photography. Featurring: Tucker MacNeill, Brett Kallusky, Alexa Kent and David Heberlein. Running Order:
  • "Propagandapanda" - Excerpt - Fiona MacNeill
  • Photography commentary - Tucker MacNeill
  • "Julie Andrews" - Fiona MacNeill
  • Interview of Brett Kallusky - Tucker MacNeill
  • Photography commentary - Alexa Kent
  • Photography commentary - David Heberlein
  • "In Progress" featuring sound samples from the Minneapolis city-scape - Fiona MacNeill
References and Samples:
  • Woodward, Richard B. “Altered States” ARTnews, March (2006). Pgs 104-109 (online: Altered States)
  • Mapplethorpe, Robert. Famous Photographer’s Quotes: Viewed on March 18th. []
  • Shatner, William. I am Canadian: (Jeff Goebels Star Trek Fan Pages). Viewed on March 21, 2006 []
  • Art by the Photographers:

    Copyright © 2005 by Tucker MacNeill. Used with Permission.
    Croive, by Tucker MacNeill

    Copyright © 2006 by Brett Kallusky. Used with Permission.
    Senzo Titulo (Untitled) by Brett Kallusky

    Copyright © 2005 by Alexa Kent. Used with Permission.
    Underwater 1 by Alexa Kent